A Baby Sleep Positioner – Safe or Unsafe?

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A baby sleep positioner is a small bed that parents use to position their small babies while sleeping. It’s an extremely well-known baby product to use, and many parents buy one for their young baby.

However, recent reports in the press have said that using a positioner is not safe, causing people to worry whether or not it’s a product they should use for their baby. Whilst a report in the paper shouldn’t mean these products are simply consigned to the rubbish tip, it has definitely raised the need for parents to be fully aware of the risks involved in having your baby sleep on one.

Firstly though, what are the benefits in using a baby sleep positioner?

There are certainly benefits to using these small beds, with the first one being that it can help the baby to keep laying down on their backs while they sleep. It also elevates their upper body and neck, causing the head to be supported at all times. So it’s nice to use especially when you want for your baby’s head to be supported.

It can also help to relax the baby, as babies like it when they are given a comfortable spot when they sleep.

What are the risks in using a positioner?

The truth about this product is that there are many risks involved in having your baby rest on a baby sleep positioner. In fact, since 1997, exactly 12 baby deaths have happened because babies have managed to turn themselves over and sleep the wrong way on a baby sleep positioner.

This is what prompted many stores and companies to remove the product from sale. It can still be bought of course, just not in as many stores as before.

The reason why some babies have sadly died is that instead of sleeping on their backs looking upward, they ended up sleeping on their chest, causing themselves to suffocate. This as I mentioned earlier, has happened to 12 babies since 1997, and it’s a scary truth to look at.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a product that is completely dangerous, but it’s still good to know about the different types of risks and dangers related to using the positioner.

Should I use one?

This of course has to be an individual choice for every parent. Baby sleep positioner manufacturers have certainly been making improvements to their products to solve the issue but has the risk been removed to a point where you are happy to use one for your baby?

Despite the risks, there are still many people who still use these positioners for when their babies fall asleep. With the risk of SIDS (or cot death as it is known in the UK), these parents feel that a baby sleep positioner actually helps to remove the risk of SIDS by keeping the baby on it’s back.

However, it is still needs to be your final decision as to whether any risk, however slight, is worth taking for your baby.

As ever, with any baby product, you should do your own research to decide if the product is suitable and most importantly, safe for your baby.

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