How Long Should A 4 Month Old Baby Sleep?

By the time he or she is four months old, your baby should be getting there in terms of establishing a good sleep pattern. Commonly, the pattern would be a couple of naps during the day and minimum of seven hours sleep during nighttime. This will also be the time when your baby would begin to roll over and position himself while sleeping. Due to the fact that their surroundings affect their sleep so much, this is actually the best time to instill good sleeping habits. You can do this by sticking to a certain routine for bedtime.



4 Month Old Baby Sleep

So in total, how many hours per day should a 4 month old baby sleep?

When you have a 4 month old and usually until about seven months old, the average number of hours they need in a day is around 14. At this period, the average daytime hours of sleep is around three to four hours. Though length of sleep is very important, their comfort is also your top priority. And at this stage, the baby would rather play beside you than sleep. Their have short cycle sleeps that could last only for 20 minutes and then play with you after.

Lastly, ensure that they are getting quality naps to prevent them from being too cranky when they sleep at night. When you do this, you are allowing your four month old to enjoy and spend quality time with you in the morning. Ideal nap hours are in the morning and after lunch.

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