How Long Do Babies Sleep?

One of the very first things new mothers worry about is how long should their newborn babies sleep. If you’re just new to this, you may be a little bit concerned whether your baby is acquiring sufficient sleep.

How Long Do Babies Sleep?

For starters, new born babies often sleep for around sixteen to seventeen hours daily. Until the baby reaches three or more months old, he will not sleep continuously throughout the night. This is because they have smaller stomachs so they are hungry most often, especially if you are breastfeeding him.

Generally, new born babies sleep eight hours during the day and eight hours during the night. However, they won’t be sleeping for eight hours straight. Aside from knowing how long do babies sleep, you should also know that they sleep in short cycles and that they dream in shorter cycles than common adults do.

If you are worried you are doing the wrong thing for your child, give yourself some recognition as getting yourself knowledgeable about this particular matter is already a sign of fully accepting your responsibility as mother and embracing your motherhood. Knowing how long do babies sleep, you will be able to gauge whether your child is getting enough sleep and put your mind at rest.

If you feel that your baby is not getting enough sleep then you should definitely speak to your doctor or physician.


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