Good Music for Babies to Sleep To

As any parent knows, singing or humming to your baby before he falls asleep often helps to lull him into peaceful slumber. You can sing traditional lullabies, make up your own or use a selection of music that will induce a calm, serene sleeping environment.

Music for babies to sleep


Choices of good music for babies to sleep to include classical tunes by such composers as Mozart, Bach and Handel. While no studies have shown that listening to this genre makes infants smarter, you can create a bedtime routine that will last for years with the right music.

Once it’s time to prepare baby for bed, play soothing classical music in the background as you bathe and read to her. Then spend a few quiet moments humming along with the songs, and let the music play softly as she falls asleep; a small CD player in the nursery can shut off after a disc is finished playing. She’ll eventually associate this music with bedtime.

Classical tunes are a good choice of music for babies to sleep to, as the gentle selections help create a calm and peaceful environment.

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