Recently Received Testimonials for
The Baby Sleep Solution

All of the testimonials below are excerpts from emails that have been received from parents who have used the Baby Sleep Solution audio program. For ease of reading I have shortened some of the testimonials and for obvious reasons I have removed any specific secrets of the Baby Sleep Solution and replaced them with [……]. Enjoy!

“She was sleeping through by the third night. Bliss!”

Dear Chris,

The [……..] technique worked best for us. We had two sleep issues to deal with – settling to sleep at the start of the night, and settling back to sleep without a feed during the night. Both issues associated with feeding but that technique worked for both.

It took our daughter one night to learn that she could settle herself to sleep after the usual routine. It took a little longer for her to get used to not having a feed at night, but she was sleeping through by the third night. Bliss! (Although she sometimes still wakes up in the small hours and sings and babbles to herself she no longer cries for a feed.)

I loved the format of the audio book. It’s nice and short so it’s easy to get through. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with that – the last thing I wanted to do was trawl through lots of pages on why babies have sleep problems and case studies.

Thank you so much!

With best wishes,

“Thank you so much, you have made the whole house happy!”

Dear Chris,

I used a combination of a few techniques to get my son to sleep more soundly and I also found that he has GERD and once we put him on medicine for it, it has made huge improvements alone.

I [….] until he could put himself to sleep. I also love the bedtime routine, even for naps when we [….] he always starts yawning. The [….] allows him to differentiate between night and naps (darkness outside helps too) the water has some sleepy effects too. He also needs a very routine time schedule, I helped him to find it, but he helped me to set what worked.

Just like your program said it was about 7 days to see marked improvement, but we saw little improvements right away. I really liked the program, would recommend it to a friend. I liked that it was short, easy to follow, understand and implement and it was very clear and concise. Parents who aren’t sleeping well don’t have a lot of extra time to read books. I get to here and there, but when you are not sleeping it is very hard to find time to read to find a solution. So I would say ease of access from the internet and the short time it took to listen to the program were the best bonuses. I was able to listen to the whole program during naps during the first two days. I took notes and followed your ideas and my notes. Thank you so much, you have made the whole house happy!

Just a little aside, what a small world it is, I worked for Carnival Cruise lines as a dancer a few years ago and my room mate on board was from Staffordshire, UK. 🙂 And I grew up in a town called Stafford.

Sarah Akstin, LMT

“Baby Sleep Solution audio is great”

I think your Baby Sleep Solution audio is great. Your tone is extremely calm, clear and confident. I have done quite a bit of research on sleep problems myself and found all the most useful tips in your audio, plus several more. Books seem to recommend one or two techniques, but you have offered so many that everyone should be able to find a solution.

My partner Neal downloaded the audio, so I hadn’t seen the ‘waking in the night’ bonus track, as he had missed it, but that seems to be just what we need! I hadn’t considered the idea of Jacob not getting enough sleep in the day as a cause for him not sleeping at night, so will start with keeping to a more regular time for his afternoon nap and making sure that it’s long enough every day. Thanks again.

Kate Andrews
Derby, United Kingdom

“After four days/nights, our daughter showed she had learned to put herself to sleep”

Hi, Chris!

Our daughter had been waking five to ten times per night, often every hour. After trying some of the techniques where we […..]. Those two factors together contributed to her success.

After four days/nights, our daughter showed she had learned to put herself to sleep. We weren’t concerned with trying to get her to sleep through the night, but rather that she could fall asleep and stay asleep in her crib.

We found your website in a desperate internet search one night. And, we’re glad we bought it! It did, in fact, tell us of techniques we hadn’t heard of before. But, mostly what it did was help us to feel that we had a collection of sleep techniques in one source, and gave us the confidence to try them.

Thank you for this great resource!!

Kindest Regards,

“a week later she was sleeping on her own”

Dear Chris,

First of all let me just thank you for providing excellent useful information to all parents out there.

I have tried the sleep technique number one and it has worked very well for my daughter, a week later she was sleeping on her own without any crying. She still goes to sleep on her own and I am still using the same technique.

I don’t think there is any aspect of the baby sleep solution that needs to be improved, it’s perfect.

Once again, thank you very much for all the tips.

Kind regards,
Dolores Soares

“Asleep herself on day 3”

Hi Chris,

The best solution that worked for me was [……..].

It took 3 days to achieve a significant improvement.
45 mins on day 1
8 mins on day 2
Asleep herself on day 3

No further comments except thank you.


“Surprisingly it only took a few nights to get my son to be able to go to bed on his own and sleep through the night!”


First off, I would like to say thank you! I found a lot of useful information in your audio program.

I don’t remember the name of the technique that we used, but I think it is called the […..] technique. We also play music for him while he sleeps, that helps a lot too.

Surprisingly it only took a few nights to get my son to be able to go to bed on his own and sleep through the night! Although it seemed like forever at the time, the hard work has paid off! I only wish I had done it sooner!

I don’t think there is anything that I would change about the program. I liked the fact that I could download it right away to my computer, so I didn’t have to wait for it to come in the mail.

The Baby Sleep Solution was totally worth the money!

Again, thank you for all your help! Both me and my son appreciate all your help getting us to sleep!


“Had a dramatic change in just two days”

Hi Chris,

I did download the Baby Sleep Solution and have implemented the first 19 – simple step’s immediantly.

My husband & I started 1 of the 5 main techniques: being the [……] ” tech

Seen as though my 15 week old baby boy had been taking tantrums in every sleep spot & had tried,

He sleept through he’s 3am feed for the first time last night and we live with hope that sticking to his daily set routine, he will improve.

He seems much better already, and his behavior has had a dramatic change in just two days.

Thankyou thankyou…

Kind Regards
Kerryann & Brett

“It works :)”

It works 🙂 It took 3 days to see a significant improvement.


“We have been committed to this for the past 4 days and it is working well”

The technique that we used was to […..]. We also use this method when she wakes through the night. Prior to this I was breastfeeding her each time she woke through the night. I just put her down now and she did not cry and grizzle as other nights. To be honest we have been committed to this for the past 4 days and it is working well. We went through a period when we received your initial email where we were sick so it was not a good time. Now however we are in full swing and moving forward.

So a big thank-you for your assistance.

Kind regards

“The Baby Sleep Solution was a God send”

THE BABY SLEEP SOLUTION WAS A GOD SEND!!! My son Ryan who was 6 months when we started this program would not sleep in his own crib in his room and always would end up in the bed with my husband and I. The kicker was he wouldnt sleep more then 30 min at a time in his crib even to nap…so needless to say I was at the end of my rope and hopelessly tired. I honestly tried everything I could think […….].

Leslie Wheeler

“Amazed at how quickly it worked”

This is a fantastic program! My husband was upset with me for spending more money on sleep “books” that don’t work, but once we put it into practice he was amazed at how quickly it worked. We were at the end of our ropes with a toddler that was waking 6-7 times a night and was up for atleast 2 hours in the middle of the night, so no one in our house was getting any sleep.


“Super appreciative and getting lots and lots of sleep”

My baby is still quite young (4 months old) but the best technique so far is […..]. I initially ordered the baby sleep solution because my baby would not sleep at all and her eyelids were all purple and swollen from lack of sleep. I was so stressed out because all she would do is cry all day long and would never nap or sleep at all in her early weeks. I was at the end of my rope and the baby sleep solution was just one of the many ideas I tried to get her to sleep. The baby sleep solution was actually the reason that I was able to finally make the connection that she wasn’t sleeping because she wasn’t getting enough to eat, I was breastfeeding at the time. Just having the information saved my life because it made me realize that my baby’s sleep problem was not a normal sleep problem and that something bigger had to be causing her restlessness. Now that she is formula fed and getting enough to eat, she is sleeping quite regularly but I look forward to trying the other techniques once she is a bit older. When she is older she might be less likely to want to go to sleep because she will be more active and want to play. It gives me such peace of mind to know that I still have all of these baby sleep solutions to try if she does start to become really difficult to put to sleep once she does get older.

It only took me a couple of weeks after obtaining the baby sleep solution to realize that the sleep problems that other mothers were experiencing with their children were significantly different from my baby’s sleep problems. After reading over the different techniques, it became obvious to me that there must be some other underlying reason that my baby was not sleeping. Chris talked about a sleepy state where baby was ready to try to go to sleep and I knew then that I had a different kind of problem because my baby would not go into that state but instead she would nap off and on for about 5 minutes at a time, always waking and crying and getting all fidgety. Or she would halfway sleep, with one eye half open at all times. None of these short cat naps were doing anything for either of our stress levels, she was never well rested and I was pretty much dealing with her at all hours, 24 hours a day. She would never go into that relaxed state, she never seemed to relax at all in fact. That was when I began to search for the real reason behind her sleep problem. Now I know it wasn’t a sleep problem at all, and it wasn’t colic either like everyone kept telling me. Without the baby sleep solution though it might have taken a whole lot longer for me to figure this out because I just thought it was normal, that everyone’s baby was fussy like that and that babies are supposed to wake up every hour on the hour all through the night and make your life a living hell, right?

I also absolutely love the advice Chris gives me in the newsletter. It is so relevant and I also really like the quotes at the top of the page. I have already learned a lot from these newsletters and some of this info came at just the right time to be useful or to clue me in and prevent me from making a disastrous error. Thanks Chris and keep it up, mothers everywhere will thank you!

Super appreciative and getting lots and lots of sleep,


“Saw an improvement within 3 days”

We used a combination of techniques which developed into a nightly routine […..] to let baby fall asleep on his own which he did usually within 5-10 minutes.

Saw an improvement within 3 days. He still wakes up once or twice a night and cries for a few minutes, but then usually will fall back asleep if I just pat him.


“Tried one of your techniques for the 1st time and my baby FELL ASLEEP ON HIS OWN!!”

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my baby is 1 year old and has only once (for a babysitter) gone to sleep in his crib on his own. Lately he has been waking up 3-4 times a night and always needs a bottle and rocking to go back to sleep. It has been bothering me so much that I took him to the doctor today and I mentioned your program and my intention of trying it and he thought it was a good idea. And so tonite, I tried one of your techniques for the 1st time and my baby FELL ASLEEP ON HIS OWN!!!!! It is only one time but it gives me hope for many more nights of easy bedtimes and hopefully no night wakings……at least not every night! I will let my friends and my pediatrician know how well this program works so that they can recommend it to others. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Sincerely, Samantha