Sleep Problems in Toddlers

Solving Sleep Problems in Toddlers

Our babies seem to grow every single moment, and when they reach the age range of 1-3 years they join the club that some call “Toddler” club. The toddler years are a time when kids go through their first emotional and social developments. This is the time when a child starts responding to his or her name, understands words, undergoes massive physical changes, they come to comprehend simple commands, they begin waving and pointing.

Physical changes include, development in bone structure, increase in weight and height. They acquire new habits in this age and many of their habits change, habits that they had since birth.  These habits affects some very essential behaviours of human beings like eating, sleeping and interaction with parents.

But, to ensure all these developments progress it is a must that the toddler must get sleep of around thirteen hours a day in total (night time and naps). It is the law of nature that a living being needs sleep to revitalize themselves, and infants need more sleep than adults, to ensure good health, development of brain and physical development. So, it is essential that a toddler sleeps for at least thirteen hours a day, to ensure a happy and healthy child. But, when a child reaches toddler age, as they acquire new habits, their sleeping pattern changes, sometimes leading to sleep deprivation. Sleep problems in toddlers are a common phenomenon, but parents should do everything they can to ensure that their toddler gets adequate sleep.

Many kids from the time of their birth are raised with different sleeping habits. Some maybe left in the baby cot to sleep, some maybe taken in the parents lap, some were lullaby listeners, some slept with parents. Now, you might continue doing what you did and some toddlers might get in the habit or they might get “bored” by their old habit. Some parents think kids should learn to develop these on their own, others thinks that they should be provided with all the support and comfort necessary.

Not all babies are the same though and one technique doesn’t suit every child or every parent. Some babies might follow what you teach them with regards to a sleeping routine, while others might get agitated and scared if they are left alone. But, it is of course the duty of parents to see that their toddler doesn’t face a sleep deprivation problem, they must help their infants to fall into a good sleep routine. Thnakfully, this is something that is possible for all parents … it just takes a little learning in the first place.

Some solutions to sleep problems in toddlers might be giving them good healthy foods, create some good habits like sleeping after lunch and at a fixed time in the night, ensure ample time of daytime activity, like playing. Playing not only ensures that your toddler tires and is ready for sleep, but playing also helps to develop a babies mind, body and psychology. However, don’t play with them at night, and also try to create a perfect environment for them to sleep, like dimming the lights, creating a noise free environment.

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