How Long Does A 3 Month Old Baby Sleep?

Infant sleeping cycles can vary between babies, but there are 3 month old baby sleep patterns you can learn, to know what you might expect from your little one. As new parents, you should be able to start enjoying a little more consistent sleep during the night

An infant

3 Month Old Baby Sleep

now, as your child begins to sleep more through the evening hours without waking for a long duration.

On average, a 3 month old baby sleep cycle is about 14 total hours per day, with the majority of time being at night. Your infant will most likely sleep about 4-5 of those hours during the daytime. That said, it is important you help your child establish this day and night cycle. A baby will still wake during the night for basic needs, but will drift back into sleep once satisfied.


Try to change diapers or feed your baby without completely waking him or her up. Keep the lights low and do what you can to not stimulate your little one. Chances are, he or she will drift right back to sleep – and so can you!

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