How Long Should a 6 Week Old Baby Sleep?

Getting a routine down for sleep with a new baby is not an easy task for any parent.  The first few weeks of a newborn baby’s life are wrought with worries for new parents, and sleep is no exception.  By the time a baby has reached 6 weeks of age, they are getting into a more regular pattern for their sleep schedules.  While some babies have been known to sleep through the night by 6 weeks of age, most will still wake every 3-4 hours at 6 weeks of age.

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6 Week Old Baby Sleep

Overall, your 6 week old baby will sleep 14-15 hours per day, but it will be in 2-4 hour spurts, followed by 1-2 hours of awakening.  Premature babies may tend to sleep a bit longer at a stretch, and babies which are colicky will typically sleep less, but overall will get in 14-15 hours of sleep throughout the day.

You may notice a fairly regular pattern in your baby’s sleep schedule by the time he reaches 6 weeks old.  Baby is growing and reaching new milestones, and before you know it, your baby will finally be sleeping through the night.

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